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Convent Avenue Baptist Church Etiquette

  • Please dispose of all gum, candy and food before entering the sanctuary.

  • The use of small electronic devices and cell phones in the sanctuary is prohibited. Please turn them off during the worship service.

  • Photography prohibited.

  • Refrain from excessive conversation while in worship.

  • Small children should always be accompanied by an adult when leaving the sanctuary.

  • What is good church etiquette? (During Worship)

    • When I avoid walking, talking or distracting anyone while scripture is being read.

    • When I avoid walking, talking or distracting anyone while prayer is going on.

    • When I avoid walking, talking or distracting anyone during the Invitation to Christian Discipleship. Unless I am walking to respond to the Invitation.

    • When I bring my Bible with me to Church and read it diligently every day.

    • When I avoid creating confusion or any destructive situation, so that all of us can stay focused on worshipping God.

    • When I do not casually eat and drink in the sanctuary without good reason.

    • When I come to church on-time and prepared for worship and then stay until the Benediction is pronounced at the end.

The sanctuary is holy ground, please treat it as such.


Visiting Convent Avenue Baptist Church

  • What to expect when I arrive?

    Enter the church on 145th Street on Convent Avenue. Once you enter the vestibule, you’ll find friendly Ushers that will assist you with directions to sanctuary, lower sanctuary, the nursery, classrooms, and restrooms.

  • Where should I take my children?

    We believe people of all ages need an exciting church home. Therefore, C.A.B.C. has a special worship services for Children and Youth. We have 2 ministers whose sole responsibility is to minister to our children and youth. Minister Lydell Lettsome, and Minister Cynthia Nwizu would love to meet you and your children this Sunday and assist you in helping them to be all that God created them to be.

  • What is the main service like?

    Although C.A.B.C is predominately African-American, we welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures. There is no dress code or expectation. However, attendees of our 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. service are more traditional and normally wear slacks, suits or dresses. Our 5 p.m. service attendees are more relaxed. Therefore, casual dress including jeans is okay. You will be welcomed by an usher who will hand you a bulletin and assist you in finding a seat.

    The Worship Service is traditional in style and usually 2 hours in length. You’ll be surprised how fast the time goes as we enter into the presence of God through praise and worship, and hear an inspirational message from the Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jesse T. Williams, Jr.
  • What about after the Service?

    At the end of service, you can go to the Lecture Hall to have a nominally priced hot lunch and fellowship with our members and or visitors. If you have children, in the nursery or children & youth worship service you should pick them up first. You can also visit our Walkway where you can sign up for various activities or stop by our media ministry booth to purchase CDs and DVDs of the sermon. We also have a 1 p.m. bible study call that meets in the Library on the 1st floor of the JWS Educational Building located at 425 West 144th Street (between Convent Avenue and Hamilton Terrace).

For more information, click the contact us button listed-above or click here to contact a member of our staff.



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